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Featured Client

Dallas, Texas


  • Jason Wright owns 2 Zero Latency VR venues
  • He opened his first in 2017 with his father in Oklahoma
  • This is the 1st Gen 2 Zero Latency VR System in the USA

The Original Free-Roam

VR Provider

Nobody knows Free-Roam VR better than Zero Latency

  • Operating the largest Free-Roam VR network on the planet
  • Blowing minds in VR since 2015
  • Partnered with HP, Microsoft and Intel to deliver the next generation of VR attractions
  • Created the definitive VR Esports game
Zero Latency Brisbane


VR System

Everything you need to deliver mind-blowing VR entertainment

  • Controllers
  • VR Headsets
  • Backpacks
  • Content Server
  • Game Master Station

Developed In Partnership With

"Virtual Reality Powered by Zero Latency has been outperforming our initial expectations.”

Matt Pinal, VP Retail Operations, MGM Grand

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